A bit of an introduction

I’ve been blogging occasionally at the Esperanto-USA site, but sometimes I feel like writing about something that won’t exactly fit in the Esperanto world.

I’m an Esperantist, that is I speak Esperanto, which is the most successful of the languages created for international communication. I’ve been trying to get other Esperatists in New Jersey together occasionally. I also started a wiki project for an English-Esperanto Dictionary, and I design Esperanto themed products at Cafe Press under ‘esprimoj’. Other projects you’ll hear about later.

I’m a model railroader. I model the Sussex Branch of the Lackawanna railroad in HO scale. I also participate yearly in my railroad clubs show which occurs on the first Sunday in May every year. I have 3 modules at the show: a double module of Franklin, one of Andover and one of Sparta.

I’m a railroad historian.  I’ve been reseraching the history of the Lackawanna’s Sussex Branch for over ten years now.  I have a book coming out next year focusing on what I’ve found about the stations on the Sussex Branch.

I’m a husband and the father of a wonderful 10 year old daughter.

Once in a while I get on a hobby horse about something. At the moment my hobby horse is the American dollar coin.  I like it. I think it’s useful.  I do think the promotion of it is half-assed at best. My favorite version of it is the Sacagawea dollar that came out in 2000. My daughter traded me one of hers that was pretty oxidized. After a week in my pocket it got this really neat patina about it. It’s also still got the ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and ‘In God We Trust’ on the face.  It just looks more like a coin than the later sackies or even the new dollar coins with all the presidents on them.


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