That Dollar Coin Thing

So I mentioned my current fixation with the American dollar coin. I’m not sure what spurred this. It might have been a casual hit on google, or maybe my daughter mentioned something.  I dunno.

I’ve done some research on this and noticed a few things. A bunch of folks say that it’s too small and can be easily confused with a quarter. A bunch say it’s too heavy. A bunch say it’s ugly. A bunch say it’s too light. This is not to mention the bunch who believe emails and still think that ‘In God We Trust’  doesn’t appear on the coin.

I’ve been carrying around at least 5-10  of these for over a month.  Yes I spend them, and then I buy a few more off my neighbor. They are not too heavy.  One dollar coin weighs less than 4 quarters put together. Many soda machines take them. The only one I’ve found which will not take the coin is a Coke ™ machine outside our Walmart.  I’ve used them at the self check out at Weis and Lowes and I’ve successfully handed them to cashiers at Walmart and our Dollar Tree store. I try not to test the cashiers during their busy times.

No one seems to mention that our dollar coin is almost exactly the same size as the Canadien dollar, the Loonie. I think the size is off by like .o1 mm or something.  Canada has no complaints that I’ve heard. They even have a 2 dollar coin, the twoonie. The secret is that in Canada, the bill form of their dollars was discontinued soon after the coin was introduced.

I can hold a dollar coin in my hand and I can feel that it’s bigger than a quarter. You get used to it. I intend getting these from the bank or my friend and using them when appropriate. I’ll also let my cashier know that it’s OK to give me coins for change, in case they have some stashed away with no where to go.



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