Esperanto, etc.

I mentioned that I speak Esperanto. This is most certainly true (Ĉi tio certe veras.)

I’m in a somewhat isolated place for Esperantists. The closest one I’m aware of has never said a word to me in Esperanto, and the next closest once called everyone of my political persuasion a fascist. (something a bit odd for an Esperantist to do.)

So I continue to do as I please. I read my Scripture every morning from my Esperanto Bible, I listen to podcasts from Radioverda, and I talk to my daughter’s pet bird in Esperanto.  Sometimes I sing to him.  He particularly likes verse 2 of ‘Ni plugas la kamparon kaj semas Nia Man‘  (It mentions feeding birds.)

Another long term project I’ve had is the designing of Esperanto themed shirts, etc. on CafePress. I’ve always felt it would be cool to see people walking around with Esperanto message shirts.  I don’t get rich from this effort, but I do get a trickle of cash once in a while.  It’s enough to let me buy one of my own shirts occasionally. I figure the economy might be turning around because this last month I’ve sold at least a shirt a week.  Before that there was a great desert of no sales.

One other project which I’ll put to the fore after the beginning of 2010 is my translation of a book of daily table prayers.  I’ve got it all translated in a notebook. I just need to type it into the computer, do some formatting and put it up for sale.  It’s based on a 100 year old book I found on eBay called ‘Grace Before Meals.’ Most f the prayers were easy to translate. A few I rejected or replaced with others.  I moved a few around, especially if they seemed more appropriate to Lent.  Then I put them in March.

I also once translated a short story of mine from English to Esperanto.  I posted it on my blog at If I were asked, I guess I’d put it up here as well. It’s sort of Star Trekish in it’s premise, and recounts when the Koplushians first found Earth.


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