Our First Cell Phones

This fall, we finally made the jump and got cell phones, one each for my wife, myself and our 10 year old daughter. This was because my daughter has gotten to the age where she’s going off places without us with the Girl Scouts, and getting involved with band at school.

It has been said that I was always dead set against having a cell phone.  I think that if you could turn back time, you’d discover that it was more of a ‘we have no NEED for a cell phone, and perhaps a derision on how the owners of cell phones use them to ridiculous extremes. (at 7:45 a.m. in the morning, who are the socker moms talking to as they leave the school parking lot?)

So we now have 3 cell phones in the family.  After some research, for our needs, we decided that Tracfones is the cheapest way to go. They are basically for emergency use, not for chatting up the entire world. My wife and I got identical Moto w3756g phones with ‘double minutes for life’ and my daughter was given a moto w260g. It was cheaper and is good for an emergency-only use phone.  If she loses it, no tears shed.

I use my phone as a reminder more than a phone.  It has a calendar function which I love to use for appointments, plus I don’t need a wrist watch anymore, I’ve got a perpetual calendar and clock wherever I go.  Plus, if I get bored, I have tetris.

Our phones came in very handy while doing our christmas shopping last week.  We split up in the big stores or the mall, and whoever got done and to the car first, texted the other.  In the mall, it kept us from bumping into each other.

Complaints abound about these phones, but to date, I’ve never found a place where I had no service. The best part I like about my phone is that it opens like a classic Star Trek communicator. Very cool.  If I put it on speaker phone, it’s just like Trek.



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