Esperanto Day

Today is what we Esperantist like to call Esperanto Day.  It’s actually the anniversary of the birth of Esperanto’s creator, L.L. Zamenhof.  He would have been 150 years old this day. This being a special anniversary, Esperantist from all over the world petitioned Google to commemorate the date with a special logo on the search engine’s main page. Looking around the web, I found one very angry person who takes great exception in the fact that today is the Bill of Rights Day. I found it in the comments section of a blog. When dealing in the affairs of humanity everyone cannot be pleased. (I’m sure that given time, I could make that a bree’hah proverb.)

I didn’t do anything much special this year for Esperanto day. I renewed my membership to Esperanto-USA, I changed my email tag line for the occasion, and I’m writing this blog. I’m also adding a few words to  my dictionary project.



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