No Space for a Dollar Coin?

One of the ‘anti’ statements about using the dollar coin is that “most cash registers don’t got no place to put them in the drawer” This is most certainly UNtrue. The first thing I did was to Google ‘cash drawer’ I discovered that if you really want to, there are available a very few cash drawers with only 4 spots for coins and bills. The rest of them have at least 5 places for coins, some of them have 8.

Then I reached back into my memory of my 5 months working in the UPS Store. That register had 5 spots for coins, the 5th place being used for rolls of coins.

So then this past week, my family took our allotment of Christmas cash and set out to trade it for presents to be given to each other. In every store I made purchases the drawer had 5 slots and the 5th slot was always bare empty. The slots then could be used for these denominations of coins: $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $1.00. I don’t see a problem.  Plus, after elimination of the dollar bill, there’d be another slot open to keep rolled coins.

As an addendum, one other argument is that no one can carry that many dollar coins around; they’re just too heavy. To that I say: you only need to carry 4 of them around if you manage your cash correctly. Or you could throw them in a jar every night like (apparently) many Canadians do. (Canada has a circulating 1 and 2 dollar coin called the Loonie and Twoonie.)

The only person I can imagine who needs to carry around large amounts of dollar coins is a street vendor who routinely makes change to his customers.

What I’m saying is that using a $1 coin in the US would not be the end of the world.


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One Response to “No Space for a Dollar Coin?”

  1. koplushian Says:

    I spent 3 dollar coins at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this morning as I finished off my Christmas shopping for the wife. Since I was about to throw 3 of these at the cashier, I asked if they had a problem with accepting the coins. The cashier was young and asked the other cashier. Neither knew, so they telephoned the manager. In the end the sale was completed and the coins went into the empty space in the drawer, as if it was meant to be.

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