More Obscure than Esperanto

I think I’ve found a group more obscure than Esperantists. They call themselves ‘Georgers’ and the track paper money. Once again, I forget how I first encountered this phenomenon. I do remember at one point in my life, possibly when I worked at the UPS Store finding a dollar bill marked in red:  ‘Trace this Bill

Somehow I encountered this recently and checked it out.  It’s based on a website and looks like a fun, yet possibly unfulfilling hobby. I’ve entered in about $500 worth of bills in the last month or so and have zero hits to my name. (I had to scavenge about the house and look for the Christmas money in my wife’s drawer.)

The idea is that you go to the website: and input your zip code, the bills denomination, series # and serial number. If you sign up for a free account, you can be notified if any of your bills receives a hit, ie someone else, somewhere enters it on the website.

As I said though, the folks who are hardcore about this call themselves ‘Georgers’. They even have gatherings from time to time.

Unlike Esperantists, who can pretty well hide when not actively speaking Esperanto, to be a Georger, one has to go out and spend dollar bills with red marking on them.  At times, these markings are noticed and met with derision from cashiers, (perhaps more derision than those of us who spend dollar coins.) The fun side is when you get a hit on one of your bills and you can see how far it’s traveled. Try it, you may like it.


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