No ‘TV’ since 1999

A few months after our daughter was born, my wife and I decided to have the cable TV shut off to our house. This was done partially to save money and partly to end the rounds of sitting in front of the set, changing channels and chanting ‘there’s nothing on’. This is not to say we found nothing we wanted to watch on TV.  At the time I believe we often watched Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and any gardening, or home fix-it shows we could find.

However, with a new baby and a house to care for we felt that the cost per watchable hour of our TV was not worth it. My wife called the cable company to have the service shut off. They tried to put up an argument, incredulous, but it got shut off. We then watched our video tapes when he had time for mindless endeavors.

DVD’s became more popular and we began a collection of movies we enjoyed watching repeatedly.  We also discovered that there were many titles available from our local library.

When we finally got a new computer I discovered YouTube. If one searches carefully and patiently one can find many watchable things on YouTube before they get deleted by the authorities. I’ve heard that some folks download them onto their computers and burn them onto DVD’s.  Wow!

So where do we get the news?  From the radio or the Sunday paper, or from the internet.

The only ‘downside’ I’ve seen from not having live TV is that the rest of the world tends to ask us if we’ve seen a certain commercial.  I always say ‘no.’

My daughter has grown up this way, choosing what you want to watch from the library of from our collection, even watching favorite videos on YT. When she was very young, I would take her to my mom’s house and she would get to watch live TV. She would often start crying when the commercials came on, believing the show to be over. She still gets a fill of live TV at other peoples’ houses. The only side effect of this that I’ve noticed is a desire to watch Scooby Doo. (bless her heart.)

We’ve managed to fill the empty space left by a lack of live TV with such things as hobbies, games, and togetherness. I’ve noticed over the years that sitting in front of the TV everyone become a mute zombie. Playing games or doing hobbies, incites conversation and family togetherness.


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