I Found ‘George’

Today I went to our local Weis supermarket to pick up some supplies: bread, milk, tissues. I received as change from the self-checkout a 5 dollar bill marked for ‘Where’s George’ This is the first one I’ve seen since I became a ‘Georger’. With anticipation I drove home, put the groceries away and came down to the computer. This bill is rather folded and wrinkled, where could it have traveled in its life?

I entered the denomination, series date and serial number into ‘Where’sGeorge.com‘ and lo and behold, a hit.  This bill started in the state of Delaware. That’s it. Darn.

On the other hand, so far I’ve never casually met an Esperantist while out and about, so perhaps this hobby isn’t quite as obscure as Esperanto.


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One Response to “I Found ‘George’”

  1. Max P Says:

    I used to be a georger when my wife and I traveled regularly with the Air Force. Kind of got out of the habit somewhere along the way.
    I just recently started again, I have my where’s George app on my phone and am looking for just the right stamp that will work across the different denominations.

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