Keeping the Brain Going

A few years ago I was in the hospital (two actually) with a liver abscess and a blood infection. I was having high fevers during this time and due to that (and perhaps the meds they had me on), I was having some whacky dreams. (I tell you, I was this close to solving the riddle of the universe…)

After my hospital stay, I was a little worried about my memory and brain functions generally. I bought an easy crossword book and started solving away. Now I cannot solve crosswords that are not labeled as ‘easy’ or ‘fun’. This is not because of my brain, but merely because of my lack of ‘culture’. I don’t watch TV, I don’t go out to the movies, I don’t read popular magazines. (Yea, I’m a great conversationalist, sticking to the subjects I write about on this blog .)

I stick to the easy, fun crossword books, but to make things a little bit harder, or slightly more challenging, I solve them a certain way. I start at 1 across and 1down, and work my way out from there. However, each new solve has to be connected to a letter in a previously solved word. In other words my solutions are connected, like building dominoes.

Sounds easy, yea, but sometimes I really have to snake around my solutions to figure out the answer to 13 down!


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