The Pet Clock

cuckoo clockWe’ve been seeing to the needs of an elderly church member. She’s what I call a survivor of East Germany post World War Two. Her path runs from Leipzig, East Germany, to West Germany, to America, to our area here in New Jersey. Just before she came to America in 1969 she purchased a cuckoo clock. It’s a good one, with a chime, cuckoo, and oompah band played by a two tune music box. This clock hung in her apartment near our house for any years collecting dust.

As I mentioned, we’ve been seeing to her needs of late because of an apartment house fire which landed her in the hospital because of smoke inhalation. She’s a great gal, especially considering she’s 81. You’d never know if from her spirit and inner strength.

We had to enter her apartment several times to retrieve personal items and clothes which she needed in the hospital and the rehab/care center. Since then our church has come together to try and help her out a bit. We’re getting her a few new pieces of furniture, some clothes and having her place painted. Because of this, we’ve taken everything off the walls, including two cuckoo clocks.

The woman said that she no longer wants the clocks as one never ran and the other was giving her trouble running, so I took them to see if I could do anything with them.  I always wanted a cuckoo clock.

One is basically useless as it lacks chains, weights and pendulum. The other was nearly complete, missing only a pendulum weight, which I was able to carve from a piece of oak I had laying around. The clock needed oiling, so I treated it with some WD-40, (sacrilege, I know to clock repairers.)

The clock has been running in my daughter’s room now for about a week. The only ‘problem’ it has is that the band doesn’t always play. It’s supposed to go at the hour and half hour, but sometimes sticks, requiring a tiny pull on the weight chain to start it up.

I think of this clock as a pet clock, because it only runs about 8 hours before needing winding. Thus, it needs attention or it will ‘die’.


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