Magic Axe/Magic Hoe

Just back from a renewed Google search on this mystery.

I am trying to locate a story/myth/fable which I read way back in 5th grade in the 1970’s. It was about someone who in order to gain a prize (wife, riches, etc.) had to over come 2 obstacles (that I remember.)

One obstacle was a field that could not be planted because it was full of stones. The field was enchanted or cursed and for every stone removed, two would appear it its place. This problem was overcome with an enchanted/magic hoe which hoed so fast that the stones could not keep up.

The other obstacle was an enchanted/cursed tree which could not be felled. For every notch chopped out, two would appear in its place. This was overcome by a magic/enchanted axe which chopped so ast that the tree was felled. I really cannot remember anything else about the tale except that in my memory it had a European feel to it.


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One Response to “Magic Axe/Magic Hoe”

  1. Ligneroj Says:

    The answer is Boots and his Brothers. It’s from Norway.

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