Kudos for Staples and Radio Shack

I had to go on a hunt for a new battery for a my tante’s cordless phone/answerer. The numbers I got off of the old battery didn’t jive with anything in the Walmarts in Franklin or Newton, so I went over to the Staples store.

No luck with the numbers there and the cashier’s only help at that time was to suggest bringing the old battery with me to compare.

Then I went over to the Radio Shack store. I hadn’t been in there in like 15 years because the last time I was looking for a battery and the salesman was trying to sell me a cell phone. So in Radio Shack a guy asked me if I needed help, so I told him my tale. He managed to cross reference my numbers with an equivalent using his magic computer. But asla, the store didn’t have that one, nor did the other Radio Shacks in the area.

I mentioned Staples and instead of being annoyed, this greatly helpful guy prints out the specs on the battery I needed including a picture!

Armed with this info, I go back over to Staples and grab the closest match I can figure out of my 3 remaining choices. At the register, I mention how I got the info, and laying the printouts of the specs on the counter to dig out the payment, the cashier sees the lower Radio Shack price, reconfigures the sale and gives me a discount!

That’s two stores I’d have no problem giving my business in the future. Kusos Guys!


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