Top Ten Signs that you might be an Esperantist,

You might be an Esperantist if…

1. You think beards and glasses are chic.
2. You think of currency exchange rates in terms of International Reply Coupons
3. You find yourself using a whole lot more adverbs in English
4. When you say “Yes”, you pronounce it with a “j” sound and think you’re being
5. You have more frequent flyer miles than mileage on your car
6. You call the people you dislike “Idists”
7. You’ve heard the “memoru la akuzativon, filino!” Joke
8. You think William Shatner was better in “Incubus” than “The Brothers
9. You’ve ever said “It’s all Volapuk to me!”
10. You use a Dvorak keyboard on a Linŭ box
11. You’ve ever wished the language would act more like “Edzperanto”
12. You think Eastern Europe has the hippest youth culture in the world.
13. You find yourself yelling “fik” and “aĉ” at frustrating moments.
14. You’ve ever skipped schoolwork to study grammar.
15. You’ve come up with a plan to reform English.
16. You have a green star tattoed anywhere on your body
17. You’ve ever asked a complete stranger “guess what language I’m speaking!”
18. You really don’t like “L’Espero”
19. You report even the smallest occurances of Esperanto in the media as if it
was the discovery of extraterrestrial life.
20. You say “Ho, mia kor” at dramatic moments in movies
21. You are angry that the computer manual contains thirty languages, none of
them Esperanto
22. You’ve stopped giggling when you say “fartas”


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