Nice work if you can get it

It’s raining here in New Jersey again. This always brings to mind the brilliance necesary to design almost every parking lot so that water collects in a gigantic puddle right in front of the doors to any store. Hasn’t anyone ever considered a drain would go well in these spots, or perhaps sloping the parking lot away from the door, so that only the cars have to drive through it?

While I’m on that subject, why do they always make the lane right in front of the store a main thoroughfare for the speedsters to fly through? It’s where pedestrians are most likely to be after all! Well distributed speed bumps near the entrance to stores would be a great help.

Our Lowes has an oddity as well. As you walk in the door, there is an inner door to enter the store, and another to enter specifically for returns. No matter how you walk, the ‘Returns’ door opens as you walk towards the inner door. What’s with that?  They’re both on separate sensors.

I feel better now.


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