“It goes away”

For a long time I have tried to figure out  how to express an English term in Esperanto. I finally got it the other night while perusing an Esperanto textbook in my personal library.

Let’s say you’re sitting at your kitchen table and there is an assortment of items on it, a result of a short shopping trip. There might be eggs, which ‘go’ in the refrigerator,  bananas, which ‘go’ in the fruit bowl on the counter, a box of cereal, which ‘goes’ in the pantry, a box of trash bags, which ‘go’ on a shelf in the laundry.

In Esperanto, it is quite easy to say ‘put that on the shelf’, or ‘put that in the refrigerator’, but how to say in a generic way, ‘put those away’, Or ‘those go away’?

Ĝustaloki‘ is the answer.  I found the word used in my M.C. Butler Textbook and in his dictionary as meaning ‘to put in the right, or proper place.’

So the command would be in Esperanto ‘Ĝustaloku tiujn‘ or ‘Tiuj metu ĝustaloken’.

Ah, Jen la bona viv


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One Response to ““It goes away””

  1. Lune Says:

    Ho! Bona vorto.

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