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Cool as a 2 Dollar Bill

June 25, 2010

Many users of the Dollar Coin use the seldom seen two dollar bill to prevent the necessity of handing over more than a few dollar coins at a time. I myself do not use two dollar bills, or Toms as they are sometimes called because I figure I’m asking for enough Ire using dollar coins.  However, since many cashiers apparently do not realize that two dollar bills are still incirculation, I’ve created a shirt just for users of this not-so-rare bank note.

If you would like to buy a similar shirt, it’s available on CafePress.  Using THIS LINK will save you about $5 over the usual CafePress Marketplace price (that’s two toms and a dollar coin.)

Spend Dollar Coins!

June 24, 2010

OK, I’m getting more behind this idea. When I get my check cashed, I’m going to request three dollar coins instead of the 3 singles I usually get.  My wife and I are going to keep dollar coins on us when shopping to avoid getting singles back in change. I’ve also designed the shirt below and I just received the one I ordered for myself.

Spend it shirtIf you want one, I’ve placed it on CafePress.  Following THIS LINK will save you about $5 off the CafePress Marketplace Price. There’s a lot of different styles of shirt to choose from.

[Edit] I also forgot to mention this interesting blog The Van Buren Experiment documenting the use of dollar coins by three people along with reactions to the coin.