Today I sold a gold wedding ring which I found along the local railroad tracks about 20 years ago. It went for $56.00. Decided to use that to buy 2 rolls of dollar coins.

Since I was headed to a bigger town than I live in, I thought I’d try the bigger bank instead of my branch. Ho boy, what a hassle. The teller gave me a sort of deer in the headlight look when I asked for them. I didn’t even specify which pres I wanted. She asked another teller, then had to fill out a form IN TRIPLICATE in order to get them out of the vault. Ended up with two rolls of Zachary Taylor.

So on the way home, I stopped at a Quik Chek for a Gatorade. I handed the cashier three shiny brass bucks and she sort of gave me a ‘look’, then gave me the change. I got the impression she wanted to throw it at me.

Further along, about 1/2 way home, I thought I’d continue spreading the good word and stopped at another Quick Chek for a Milky Way. The lad behind the counter sort of looked at the brass buck, and gave me my change.



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