Atako de la Lunaj Zombioj

I’m no longer alone on the translation project.  I’ve joined a small team who are working on the translation of the dialog of the coming Mihm Movie Attack of the Moon Zombies. This will make my work load a lot lighter as I should only need to translate a quarter of the script into Esperanto.

For me this is an enjoyable exercise.  In the evenings, I sit in my chair with a notebook, the printed script and all my dictionaries. It’s on the scale of a crossword puzzle for me, trying to decipher how to express English idioms in Esperanto while trying to preserve the ‘joke’ ness of it. This project has also decided me to order the newer version of my favorite dictionary. I’m hoping this will help me avoid having to consult my big green Benson as often.

I find working off the computer this way somewhat relaxing. The person in charge of this project sent me a spreadsheet with the 1st 50 lines to be translated.  I’m way past that point, so I just filled them in from my notebook. I caught a few errors while doing this. Now I’ve printed out my translation from the spreadsheet and am reading through it to double check for typos and outright errors.

Hopefully the sound dub will make it into the film and hopefully Mr. Mihm will  to find able speakers of the language for the dub.  I don’t know how many Esperanto speakers there are in Minnesota. The Esperanto League for North America shows 10 members in that state, but there may be more ‘stealth’ Esperantists there.

One hopes.


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