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Zombies Marching Along

September 29, 2010

The team of which I am a part is now proofreading our translation into Esperanto of Attack of the Moon Zombies, an upcoming movie by Christopher Mihm. In going over the script which is in English and Esperanto, it’s interesting to see how the team has tried to conquer some of the speech mannerisms of the characters.  Aside from spotting and correcting a few grammatical errors, or just plain typos, I always admire the cleverness that a translator may use to convey an English idiom. Esperanto is such a cool language to work in and I wish I were much better in it.

After the team goes over it, I believe someone to date uninvolved will go over it to check our Esperanto usage. I wish that person luck. I’m sure even experts run into stumbling blocks, or as the Esperantists say, falpuŝigoj.


Dragonsdawn in Esperanto?

September 10, 2010

dragdawnI’m translating part of Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey into Esperanto. I chose to translate perhaps the most moving part, that being the first chapter of the section titled ‘Thread.’ Below is the first part of my translation. BTW if this entry disappears you’ll know that Anne’s lawyers swooped down upon my head.



Eble ĉar homoj tiel kutimiĝis al la draketoj post preskaŭ ok jaroj da proksima renkontado ke ili ne plu multe atentis la konduton de la flugpovaj bestoj. Tiuj kiuj rimarkis iliajn malkutimajn akrobataĵojn pensis ke la draketoj nur ludadis ian novan ludon, ĉar ili estis kreeme amuzigaj. Poste homoj rememoris ke la draketoj penis peli la gregarojn kaj la kortbirdarojn al la bestejoj. Poste maresploristoj rememoris ke la delfenoj Bessie, Lottie, kaj Maximilian urĝe penis klarigi al siaj homaj amikoj kial la indiĝenaj marbestoj rapidis orienten al manĝfonto.

Ĉe sia hejmo en Placo Europe, Sabra Ongola-Stein efektive pensis ke Fancy, la familia draketo, atakadis ŝian trijaraĝan filon kiu ludadis en la korto. La eta orulo ektenadis la ĉemizon de Shuvin, penante tiri lin el lian sablejon kaj foren de lia preferata ludkamiono. Tuj post Sabra savis la knabon, frapante al Fancy, la draketo ŝvebis super ŝi, pepante kun ektrankviliĝo. Certe estis konduto miriga, sed kvankam la teksaĵo de la ĉemizo estis ŝiretita, Sabra povis trovi neniajn draketajn vundojn ĉe la karno de Shuvin. Shuvin ne estis ploranta. Li nur volis reiri al sia kamiono dum Sabra volis ŝanĝi lian ĉemizon. (more…)

Singing in Church

September 6, 2010

I had some fun yesterday in church. My wife is THE music person in our church, so I had a bit of an advantage doing this. I’ve been learning a few hymns in Esperanto from my Esperanto hymnal Adoru over the past months. During the offertory my wife has had our daughter play a short piece on the piano, to general good reception.

I approached my wife with the idea of singing my favorite Esperanto hymn during offertory and she was in favor of it.  We went over it together to be sure we were on the same page. I’ve been singing the song by myself a capella for some months, and I wanted to be sure I hadn’t strayed far from the music I learned the song by from youtube.

So we kept it a secret until the moment I stood to sing the song. I belted out ‘Ni Plugas la Kamparon‘ verses 1 and 3. It went well.

This just about floored everyone in our small congregation as I’m about the quietest one there. My pastor exclaimed, “Who would have expected this from our silent deacon?” Everyone was amazed and generally pleased. Seems I may have found another way to ‘give’ to our church.  I’m just unsure if I’ll be allowed to sing only in Esperanto.