Singing in Church

I had some fun yesterday in church. My wife is THE music person in our church, so I had a bit of an advantage doing this. I’ve been learning a few hymns in Esperanto from my Esperanto hymnal Adoru over the past months. During the offertory my wife has had our daughter play a short piece on the piano, to general good reception.

I approached my wife with the idea of singing my favorite Esperanto hymn during offertory and she was in favor of it.  We went over it together to be sure we were on the same page. I’ve been singing the song by myself a capella for some months, and I wanted to be sure I hadn’t strayed far from the music I learned the song by from youtube.

So we kept it a secret until the moment I stood to sing the song. I belted out ‘Ni Plugas la Kamparon‘ verses 1 and 3. It went well.

This just about floored everyone in our small congregation as I’m about the quietest one there. My pastor exclaimed, “Who would have expected this from our silent deacon?” Everyone was amazed and generally pleased. Seems I may have found another way to ‘give’ to our church.  I’m just unsure if I’ll be allowed to sing only in Esperanto.


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