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An Esperanto/English Duet

October 4, 2010

The Sunday before last, I was approached by one of our congregation’s eldest members. He’s one of the one’s who just loved my solo in Esperanto last month. He asked if I would sing another song because they were celebrating his wife’s 90th birthday and wanted to hear me again (blush.) So I checked with the church’s music director (my wife as it happens,) and she said OK. After service I mentioned that it would be cool if we could do a duet I’d been thinking of and she agreed.

I found sheet music which closely matched the YouTube video where I learned the melody and created a bilingual song sheet for us. The plan was to volley back and forth between English and Esperanto, yet share the refrains.

It was a fun thing to do, and I only hope my church continues its indulgence of me in singing offertories which are not in English. My next stint should be during Advent, God willing.