Teaching My Daughter Esperanto

Over the Christmas break from school, my 11 year old daughter announced to me that she would like me to help her learn Esperanto. This caught me off guard as I had all but figured I was a lone Esperantist in the house. My wife learned it when we were first dating, but has since switched to German, since relatives of her’s were recently discovered in the Old Country. My daughter gets some instruction in Spanish at school, but I’ve rarely heard her say a word either in Spanish or German.
She has watched some of the Esperanto Muzzy videos and has enjoyed them, but nothing has really caught.

So I soft pedaled for a few days, but started making a few preparations to teach her. Just before school went back into session, I asked her if she still thought she wanted to learn it and she said yes!

I’m basically using the text from ELNA’s 10 lesson postal course as a structured way to go through the grammar with her. There’s no way I could draw up any kind of lesson plan. I didn’t want to use any of the text books I’ve got in the house, because they’re more for the self-taught and I don’t want to bog her interest down in long chapters explaining things which she may already know from hanging around with me. I got the text for the lessons online here:

I bring it into a word document and tweak the format, putting more room in the written exercises so that she can write more easily. I print out each lesson individually and it doesn’t look too daunting to her. We read through the lesson, me helping her pronounce the Esperanto as we go. Without my saying a word, she speaks the words as she writes out the exercises!

Looking around the web today I found this great website with games to help her learn more vocabulary:

This event has also caused me to unearth a game idea I had some time ago for helping new Eperantists learn vocabulary and practice making sentences. It’s a board game (prototype right now drawn on paper,) which should help her gain confidence in saying numbers, creating sentences and reinforcing grammar. I’ve needed a learning Esperantist to find out if my idea is even workable. I’ll find out soon.


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