Teaching my daughter Esperanto III

Things are still going well. We’ve done lesson 5 from the postal course. I’ve also supplemented a few dialogues from Jen Nia Mondo. My daughter has taken to translating, mostly on her own with my good Welles dictionary, a few songs from Veggie Tales. The mistakes she is making are your basic beginner ones like the adjective/noun agreement and the occasional accusative. The course hasn’t gone over participles yet, so I just put those in for her as needed.

When she askes for a word, I tell her what it should be, and spell it out to her using the Esperanto names of the letters. The only time this gives her much problem is when I’m saying the Esperanto ‘i’ and she’s writing the English ‘e’.

To help keep her interest I’ve taken to translating the back cover text from any of the fiction books she’s reading. It was fun doing the one from ‘The Guardians of Ga’Hoole’


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One Response to “Teaching my daughter Esperanto III”

  1. keen101 Says:

    Nice. Sounds like a fun activity for you both.

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