Esperanto Bible Reading Project

It’s come to my attention that someone has begun a cooperative project to read the entire Bible in Esperanto and post the sound files on Audioboo.  The Someone is Ken Caviness and he has made a start and an example for fellow collaborators beginning with the book of Galatians and now has begun the Gospel of Saint John. When all is read and done, his plan is to gather the files all together as an audible Esperanto Bible. A cool idea, and something even the Klingons do not have.

If you want to help, check out this file on Ken’s Audioboo account:

Here is what he briefly says in a comment to the file:

If you want to join me in this project to create audio clips for the Bible in the planned language Esperanto, please follow the format of recording paragraph by paragraph from the online Bible at and save the clips with names formatted in this way: BookNumber EsperantoBookName ChapterNumber.StartingVerse-EndingVerse 

Since Galatians is the 48th book of the Bible, these clips start with “48 Galatoj ….”

Oh, and post a comment here telling us your audioBoo account name so I can follow all participants and collect the audiofiles for later compilation.

Thanks for your help!


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