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Tomtom GPS Using Esperanto

April 16, 2011

No long ago, my brother in law gave me his two year old Tomtom GPS.  I’ve been having fun with it and have recently discovered that I could create my own sound file which would give me the directions–in Esperanto.  In case you’re savvy, yes, I know there is one voice available, Ludoviko, to make the Tomtom speak Esperanto, but having loaded that into my Tomtom, I notice that… well, it’s not quite right, sort of like the creator of the voice had a dictionary, but hadn’t thought it through.

So I now intend to create my own Esperanto voice for my Tomtom, which would then be available to anyone else in the world.  The first step in doing this is to translate about 59 voice commands which the Tomtom speaks, sometimes in meaningful combinations to lead you around the countryside.

Below is a table showing the 59 commands in English and my translations in Esperanto.  I’d like anyone, preferably someone fluent in Esperanto to look at these and comment on if anything seems really amiss, like actually grammatically incorrect or stylistically obtuse. I’m open to any discussion on my choices.

EDIT: I’ve updated the translations of a few of the commands on the list. partly based on discussions at The thing that I think is giving me the most trouble is a translation of terms such as ‘RightTurn Ahead‘, ‘Ahead, Keep Right‘ It’s that darn word, ‘Ahead’.

English Esperanto
‘Take the second left’ Ĉe la dua vojo, iru liven/maldekstren.
‘Take the second right’ Ĉe la dua vojo, iru dekstren.
‘Take the third left’ Ĉe la tria vojo, iru liven/maldekstren.
‘Take the third right’ Ĉe la tria vojo, iru dekstren.
’50’ Kvindek
’80’ Okdek
‘100’ Cent
‘200’ Ducent
‘300’ Tricent
‘400’ Kvarcent
‘500’ Kvincent
‘600’ Sescent
‘700’ Sepcent
‘800’ Okcent
‘After’ Post
‘Exit ahead’ Venas  elirvojo
‘ahead, Exit left’ Antaŭe eliru liven/maldekstren.
‘ahead, Exit right’ Antaŭe eliru dekstren
‘Ferry ahead’ Pramŝipo estas antaŭe
‘Ahead, keep left’ Antaŭe restu live/maldekstre
‘Ahead, keep right’ Antaŭe restu dekstre
‘Left turn ahead’ Antaŭe turniĝu liven/maldekstren
‘Right turn ahead’ Antaŭe turniĝu dekstren
‘U-turn ahead’ Venas returniĝvojo
‘You have reached your destination’ Vi alvenis. Kien ajn vi iras, jen vi estas!
‘Bear left’ Iru live/maldekstre
‘Bear right’ Iru dekstre
‘Congestion charge’ Vojimposto
‘Depart’ (only heard when you tap Test when selecting a voice) Ekiru. Pork e vi sciu, mi uzas la vorton ‘liven’ anstataŭ ‘maldekstren’.
‘Keep left’ Restu live/maldekstre
‘Keep right’ Restu dekstre
‘Stay in the left lane’ Restu en la liva/maldekstra koridoro.
‘Stay in the right lane’ Restu en la dekstra koridoro.
‘Metres’ Metroj
‘Take the motorway’ Eniru la aŭtovojon.
‘Leave the motorway’ Eliru la aŭtovojon.
‘Leave the motorway at the exit on the left’ Eliru la aŭtovojon per la liva/maldekstra elirvojo.
‘Leave the motorway at the exit on the right’ Eliru la aŭtovojon per la dekstra elirvojo.
‘Go around the roundabout’ Iru laŭ la voj-rondiro.
‘Cross the roundabout’ Iru trans la voj-rondiron.
‘First exit’ Unua elirvojo
‘Second exit’ Dua elirvojo
‘Third exit’ Tria elirvojo
‘Fourth exit’ Kvara elirvojo
‘Fifth exit’ Kvina elirvojo
‘Sixth exit’ Sesa elirvojo
‘Go left on the roundabout’ Iru liven/maldekstren laŭ la voj-rondiro.
‘Go right on the roundabout’ Iru dekstren laŭ la voj-rondiro.
‘At the end of the road’ Ĉe la fino de la vojo…
‘Sharp left’ Iru strikte liven/maldekstren
‘Sharp right’ Iru strikte dekstren
‘Go straight on’ Iru rekte antaŭen
‘Take the ferry’ Veturu per pramŝipo. Ĝuu la mar-aeron.
‘Then’ Poste
‘Turn around when possible’ Returniĝu kiam eble.
‘Turn left’ Turniĝu liven/maldekstren
‘Turn Right’ Turniĝu dekstren
‘Make a U-turn’ Faru returniĝon.
‘Yards’ Jardoj

Note the commands which are shown in bold are seldom used and the instructions for creating your own voice recommended that these few could hint at humor since they won’t be hear at every turn.

EDIT: The phrase for ‘congestion charge’ is also used for any toll road or road with a toll bridge so I’m translating it as a ‘road toll’ (voj-imposto)

I still need a translation for ‘Congestion Charge’. This is evidently something specific to central London and I’m not sure quite what to call it. It’s important in case someone else actually puts my Esperanto voice on their Tomtom.

If you don’t want to comment on the blog, you can contact me at NJ.

Oh, and something short but humorous to put after ‘Make a U-Turn’ would be appreciated too.