Esperanto Tomtom Update

Well, After creating Havoc at the Lernu Forums for over a week and Asking several Esteemed colleagues their opinions. I’ve finally settled on what I believe to be the best translation of the needed Tomtom voice commands. The biggest bone of contention was how to express the idea of ‘U-Turn’ in Esperanto. Who would have thought such a concept could create so much malpaco?

So I’m now recording my voice speaking each of the commands as required, hoping that the tone of my voice will mesh together with the way the Tomtom puts things together in a sentence. f not, I’ll make corrections. I’ll be making possibly 3 versions of this voice, which I’ll be naming ‘Dachjo‘ The first version will use ‘maldekstren‘ for the purists. The second will use ‘liven‘ for those who in the heat of driving while lost can’t always hear the ‘mal‘ but only catch the ‘dekstren‘. The third version will be more comical (presuming I can think of something funny to do with it.)


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