Ghostly Film with Esperanto Dub is in the Works

Christopher Mihm’s next film is now in pre-production. His last film Attack of the Moon Zombies, included an Esperanto soundtrack recorded by volunteer Esperantists across the U.S.  This coming production will also have an Esperanto Dub track and I have been asked to be on the team of Translators. Hura! The quality of this translation and dub should be of even better quality than the last because we’re already more organized.  The last project we admittedly just dove right into. If you’re at least adequate in Esperanto and want to help, I can put you in touch with our project leader, George Baker.


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One Response to “Ghostly Film with Esperanto Dub is in the Works”

  1. Brian Barker Says:

    That’s good. Mind you, as an Esperanto speaker I hope that the word “Esperantist” is not included as a correct translation of “Esperanto speaker”

    The word always makes me feel that I am asking people who do not know the language to join a club or to join an “Esperantist” ghetto.

    Many good wishes with the project !

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