Esperanto Shirts: an Economic Indicator, or Just in Season?

I believe I previously mentioned that I design shirts with Esperanto words/slogans on them and offer them for sale through Cafepress. Several years ago I was selling enough that I got a trickle of cash, then a long dry spell.  Now they’re selling again, at a trickle, but for something that just sits there until noticed, I don’t mind. I’m wondering if it in any way reflects on the economy. Just before the last presidential election, it seemed that I was suddenly getting more orders from other countries.  Now I’m back to stronger domestic sales.

The shirt above  is one of my recent favorites and I find myself wearing it more than my several others.

If you want to find my shirts on CafePress, here’s a secret to save a few dollars.  CafePress has two places to find their shirts: a ‘Marketplace’ which charges their premium prices,and the individual shops which are ruled only by the owner’s markup. Unfortunately, the shops can only be reached through a direct link, not through the marketplace.

So, first you go to CafePress and search for the word esprimoj. If you find a design you like, send the URL of the shirt to me at I will then send you a URL from my individual shirt shop instead of the Marketplace at CafePress. This generally saves you about 2 dollars.

In my shops I generally mark my shirts up about $2.  In the marketplace I receive 10% of the CafePress selling price which with the recent price hike, is a little more than $2.  Either way I come out OK, but contacting me saves you a few dollars.


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