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Sometimes Ya Gotta Do It Yerself!

November 16, 2011

The Unlikeliest Esperantist

November 9, 2011

Among the Esperantists who I’ve met/corresponded with/heard tell of I think I’m the least likely candidate to be an Esperantist. I don’t travel, in fact I seriously doubt I will ever travel out of the U.S., except perhaps a short foray into Canada.  I don’t really want to read literature from other lands, unless the Bible counts as foreign literature. I’m not even a talker. I don’t have the urge to talk to people about things.  I like listening.

What I like to do with Esperanto is to try living in it everyday. I like figuring out (or trying to figure out) how to refer to typical homey things in the language. I’m not saying I want to introduce new roots into the language. I’m simply saying that somehow it’s gotta be possible to express everything in American life without making up words like ‘la Valmarto’ (it’s a ĉiovendejo, vendejego, or some such in any case.) If people have to know exactly which store you’re going to just say Walmart as it is pronounced in English and be done with it. If you’re writing in Esperanto at the time, just put it in italics like we do with non-English words in novels.

I’ve gotten myself involved in several projects lately.  I’m involved in the Aŭdebla Biblio project where a bunch of us (I think it’s like 13 now) from all over the globe are recording La Sankta Biblio being read aloud. Eventually these sound files we be collected into an Audible version of the Bible in Esperanto.

I’m also on the team that get’s to translate the scripts of Christpher Mihm, so that he can add an Esperanto sound dub to his classic style films.  We just finished the last one, The House of Ghosts,  and I get the distinct feeling that this time he may have the actual cast voice their characters in Esperanto instead of having us do it.  This would be good as Mr. Mihm has much better sound recording equipment.

Now it looks as though I volunteered to help proofread a revision of Peter Benson’s Comprehensive English-Esperanto Dictionary. This is going to be a cool project as I love reading a dictionary, be it in English or Esperanto (yea, I know–Weird! tell me something I don’t know.)