Dollar Coin Shortage?

Recently the mint was told to cease production of the gold colored dollar coins.  Due to the continued printing of the dollar bill, dollar coins have not been circulating. That is to say they have only been circulating in one direction. Dollar coin enthusiasts get rolls of  brass bucks from their preferred financial institution and spend them in their daily lives.  These coind however are not given out as change, but for the most part end up back at a bank.  Then , according to many articles, they are returned to the mint for storage until the end of time.

Many banks only ever receive new coins from the mint, such as the recently interrupted presidential series. When asked, my bank did not affirmatively say that I would be able to get rolls of dollar coins from them when they run out of their presidential dollars. Luckily, I believe I have secured a source of rolls of circulated coins from another local bank. These will likely have that nice patina of use instead of being always shiny and new, a plus!

But I really prefer the original Sacagawea dollars as they were minted between AD 2000 and AD 2008. They look like money, not a token. In my opinion removing much of the writing from the face of the coins and inscribing it on the edge was a big mistake. Likewise with the presidential coins, where the letters are so small that I cannot read them without a magnifier!

So, for those who enjoy spending dollar coins, and other odd money such as $2 bills and Eisenhower cartwheels, I’ve designed several shirts on CafePress.  What’s important though is that you SPEND DOLLAR COINS.

It’s Money, Spend It! (dollar coins generally)

Classic Sackies are the Best (sackies shirt)

I Like Ikes (Eisenhower Dollars)

It’s Money Spend it ($2 bills)


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