Out with the Old, In with the New

My Bookman is replaced with a Nook.

Some 20 years ago I bought myself one of those Bookman readers. The base book was the Bible (new International Version) but I also had several plug in books, the most used was probably the Columbia Concise Encyclopedia and the Merriam Webster Dictionary.  For nigh on 20 years my bookman served me well, and I never felt like it needed replacing. This past year though, the contrast of the screen has started to fail. Just setting the bookman down would reset the contrast and it would be too washed out. I could compensate by adjusting it to the darkest setting, but having to do this almost everytime I consulted it was annoying.

So this year, I checked out the ereaders available. I just needed something to replace my bookman. I decided on a Nook by Barnes and Noble because it fit my needs. I asked for a received a Nook Simple Touch for Christmas, along with a protective case.

My nook is actually quite a step up from the bookman because I’m not limited to whatever ebooks are available.  I put the Bible (English Standard Version) on it, but then I also grabbed the Bible in Esperanto and put it on as pdf files.  It’s a little obtuse, but it’s there and readable. I also have a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories in Esperanto, plus an Esperanto translation of a Harry Harrison novel. Project Gutenber has a selection of public domain books available too.

The case protects the screen and the nook itself and actually makes it feel like a real book. It allows me to ballance it on my leg (just like a real book!) If there were any drawback worth mentioning it’s that the nook is a tad too big to stuff in my pocket to carry along. I’ll live with that though.


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