Esperantists: Humorless or Just Don’t Get It?

OK, this is a bit of a rant.  Months and months ago someone on a forum I frequent put up a pretty fun game called The Universal Vending Machine. The principle is that you put a coin, or any other unit of exchange (including miscellaneous objects and impossibilities) into a totally black vending machine I.E. you can’t see what’s in there, nor what you are choosing, and the poster to the forum after you tells you what food, object, whatever you get from the vending machine. This game has been going on a very long time.  Apparently no one has wearied from thinking up imaginative objects to put in the machine nor of funny or related things to come out.

So I decided  to spread the fun around and put an Esperantized version of it over on, about the happeningest place for Esperantists on the internet.

(sound of virtual crickets chirping…)

OK, I did put it in the humor section, months passed and I thought maybe it would do better in the etc.  section. After all folks seem to be having fun there too.

One guy responded appropriately and then…

(sound of virtual crickets chirping…)

Still wanting to spread the fun around, I gave up and put the English version over on the forums of Where’s George.  It’s been a smash hit since day one.

So, are Esperantists just bereft of a sense of humor, lack imagination sufficient to play the game, or do they just not get it?


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One Response to “Esperantists: Humorless or Just Don’t Get It?”

  1. Lune Says:

    One of the first rules of humor is to know your audience. It’s been my observation that the regular contributors over at are most happy when debating grammar. That being said, I have seen some some funny stuff there. Perhaps if you get some friends to seed the conversation? I’d be happy to help.

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