From the Past (As I Remember It)

When I was a youngster, I remember a dark object that occupied a space on my grandfather’s dresser. In my mind it was a little wooden log cabin. Somehow I knew it was a bank, but that’s about it.

A while ago I started thinking about that log cabin with the aim of creating one.  I called my aunt and asked her.  She told me that it was a small church bank and told me it was about 4 inches tall. She did not know where it was, nor where he got it.

So I did some unsatisfactory Googling, thought a bit and came up with my own idea of what it might have looked like. My first try was horribly out of proportion, looking more like a two story railroad station… (hmm, an idea…) My second, scaled down version looked exactly like I thought it should.

I let it sit on our end table for a month or so and every time I caught sight of it I thought it still looked good. Hmm, I wonder anyone else likes it.  I took my little wooden bank to church and showed a few people.  They liked it, which told me I did it right.

So I took the measurements of my little bank and cut up some wood scraps (that’s the beauty of it, it’s made from scraps!) and made two more, one of which will be painted instead of stained. As I write, I’ve got one up on ebay to see if anyone is interested.  We’ll see.  [Edit: The ebay auction ended when some kind soul ‘bought it now’]


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