Catching up in Woodworking

I’ve decided to start posting some of my woodworking endeavors to document my projects and progress in the hobby.

First up is one I made last year for my daughter. Her poster paint pots tended to topple over when she would feel like painting. I thought what would be more appropriate than a paint pot holder shaped like an artist’s palette. I took two odd pieces of wood that I had which were actually warped. I glued and clamped them face to face, concave sides facing each other.  The glue up straightened out both boards and the grains matched up to appear almost book-matched.  I drew out a palette shaped line and cut it with my electric handheld jig saw.  Then I had to buy a forstner bit the correct size for the paint pots because the set I bought didn’t include that in-between size. Lastly I had to buy a Roman Ogee bit for my router. (did I mention I’m more or less just getting started in this endeavor?) I sanded the piece and finished it with spray acrilic satin spray. It measures about 10×14 inches and holds 24 paint pots with an extra well for stirring sticks.



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