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New Mihm Movie has Esperanto Voice Track

June 2, 2012

Christopher Mihm’s new movie, House of Ghosts has just come out and has an Esperanto voice track as well as subtitles. This is the second Mihmiverse movie to include Esperanto, the first being Attack of the Moon Zombies.

Even though I was on the translation team for this movie, as well as a voice actor, I was thrilled to hear the good quality of the Esperanto voice track in this film. The translation is also of better quality due to our having our anasoj  in a row.  For this film, we were told to match the syllable count of the English as closely as possible to avoid the Japanese affliction of dialog continuing way after the lips stopping.

this necessitated a little creative translating on our part.  We couldn’t just translate the lines word for word. We had to  capture the essence of the line and find a way to put it in Esperanto. Sometimes this wasn’t so easy, but I think we did a great job in the end.

Mr. Mihm has himself started learning Esperanto, so it’s very possible this tradition of Esperanto dubs for his films will continue.  If you’d be interested in joining our team of translators or voice actors contact me at and I’ll pass your name to our team leader.

If you’re interested in securing a copy of this movie, drop by