Haveno is Reborn

A few years ago a friend of mine started up a ‘shared setting collaboration’ wiki project called Argent Lake.  We had so much fun adding to it that I set up something similar, but completely in Esperanto. After a while spammers took hold and just filled the place up with nonsense. I couldn’t even keep up with deleting all the pages they created. I could protect the existing pages, causing anyone who wanted to contribute to apply to be a sysop, but the spam raged on.  Finally, in disgust I just deleted all of my pages and abandoned it.

Recently I decided to try it again, so I undeleted all of my pages.  The spam pages had been graciously removed during its dormancy.

So if there are any Esperantists out there who would like to try their hand at shaping a fictional world, just come to Haveno.

The rules are right there and not that hard to comply with once you get the hang of working with a wiki in Esperanto.

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