Vortoj is Now Sleeping

Image A while ago I started a Wiki project called Vortoj that I hoped would attract a few volunteer editors. It’s an editable English esperanto dictionary. Well, it got attacked by spammers who created well over 500 spam pages and I couldn’t keep up with it because after you delete about 3 pages the wiki freezes up and you can’t access it for an hour or two.

A similar thing happened to my Haveno wiki.  Last year I deleted the home page of Haveno and then recently went back and undeleted it. To my happy surprise all the spam pages were gone from Haveno and I just had to undelete all my pertinent pages. I just checked and there still are no spam pages on Haveno.

Taking Haveno as an idea, I’ve just deleted the main page of Vortoj in the hopes that after a few months it too will be totally deleted both my pages and the spam.  Then I’ll go back in and bring the dictionary pages back.


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