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Howard will have a New Jersey Accent in Esperanto

February 21, 2013

giant-spider01I was honored to be asked to voice the hero in Christopher Mihm’s lasted movie, The Giant Spider. I, of course am voicing the Esperanto version of the hero, Howard.  Since I’m born and bred here in New Jersey, I cannot help but have a New Jersey accent in my Esperanto speaking.  Hopefully it won’t be too obvious.

At this point the Esperanto translation has been completed, mulled over a bit and finalized.  My character has over 150 lines, so I got an earlier start than my samprojektanoj.  My Esperanto task-master, George Baker occasionally asks that I redo a few lines because I didn’t quite get the essence of how they should be spoken.  That is that because I need to mimic the tone of the English, I sometimes get it not quite right.

Still, this is a fun process from which I’m sure to reap benefits:  translating, English into Esperanto, B-Movie style English, can be challenging, plus the idea that our word choices cannot be too obscure else we lose the listening audience of avid Esperantists around the world.  Having spoken almost all my lines, I’ve found that reading the lines out loud after translating would be a good idea.  I’ve found a few wicked tongue twisters for which I might have chosen alternate words. I’ll have to bring that up next year, presuming Mr. Mihm continues making bi-lingual films.

The movie comes out in May and even if you don’t know Esperanto, the English version is great viewing and fun as well.

It’s the End Times for the Aŭdebla Biblio Project

February 11, 2013

At last report the Aŭdebla Biblio, the Holy Bible read aloud in Esperanto is a month away from being complete.  95.2 percent of the Christian Holy Book s are done.  57 chapters are still to be read (likely less than that right now.) I am happy to have been a part of this project, though not as big a participant as others. I read Ecclesiastes and the three Epistles of John. There’s still time to help.  Visit here to find out how.  Or you an check out what the Holy Bible sounds like read aloud in Esperanto here.