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Unknown Benefactor

May 15, 2014

The only print magazine I subscribe to is Home Handyman.  There is usually some tidbit of useful information in each issue, not to mention the Bloopers page in the back.  We used to get it through my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  Last year, my subscription expired around October.  My daughter’s troop had stopped doing the magazine thing, so we just let it go.  My 50th birthday was in November.  In December Home Handyman started coming to our house again.  According to the address label, I’m now subscribed through 2017. We did not renew the subscription and no one who I would suspect of renewing it has admitted it.  I even asked the few who even knew I got the magazine.  There was no notice of this being a gift, it just started coming in the mail.  Whoever subscribed me for the next 3 years, since you haven’t identified yourself, I thank you.