Local Businesses Don’t Really Want My Patronage.

This is one of those things that has irked me long enough that I’m writing it down.  Over a year ago I had to send a UPS shipment with third party billing.  I had no idea how to do this at the time, so I packed up my parcel and went to my local UPS Store ™.  When I got inside, I was simply told I had to do it online.  I would have thought that they might have told me what I had to do to do it online, or had helpful literature instead of just dismissing me, and then hoping I would be back later to drop off my prepaid package for them to process.  Well, I went home, did my research, stumbled through the UPS website to create my account, set up billing, figure out why my printer was trying to print the label for the box about 10x times too big.  Then, instead of going all the way back to that UPS Store ™ I dropped it off at the print shop I used to work at because tey are closer and deal with UPS.  Failing that I’d just take it to my local STAPLES store which is only 1 mile away. (Failing that I’d arrange to have it picked up at my doorstep!)

Then, they revamped my local grocery store which still sold the old Track II razor blades.  They were the cheapest blades around and I keep my handle as a precious relic.  When the store got re-done they stopped stocking my blades. I wasn’t about to graduate to a razor that uses blades about 3x the price of my cheap blades.  Even Walmart didn’t sell them anymore. So I looked online and I now get my cheap razor blades on eBay at a great price.  Might be my imagination, but they also last longer than the store bought ones.

When my wife’s homemade Mountain Dulcimer needed a new tuning head, I drove all the way down to a music shop to buy a new Guitar tuning head.  I was told that they don’t sell them, but they’d be more than happy to repair my musical instrument.  So of course I found someone on eBay who sold them to me at a great price and it was delivered to my door.

As you see  I tried to shop local and was forced to go the internet route.


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