Esperantujo in my Pocket

mp3Several years ago I got an MP3 player during Christmas. It’s an easy to use simple one, not even having one of those newfangled touch screens!  For a while I had 2 audiobooks on it, but I’ve deleted them as well as any videos I had on it.  C’mon, the screen is only a few inches square at the most!  So what do I have on this antiquaited MP3 player?  In a word, Esperanto.

Until recently there was an every-so-often podcast, a sort of news digest put out by a Canadian and his wife, completely in spoken Esperanto. It was the well known Radio Verda (Green Radio). I have nearly every episode of that podcast on my device.

Then I discovered that an Italian Esperantist, evidently also a clergyman was recording weekly homilies in Esperanto.  he did this for several years and I’ve snapped up all of them as well.  He has since ceased the recording, but still releases his weekly homilies in written form.

I’ve also put any Esperanto music that I like on the player.  These are mainly folk type songs recorded in Esperanto by a Dutch group of musicians known as Kajto. There are a few songs by other Esperanto musicians and one or two Harper ballads in English that I’m particularly fond of.

I do this to keep my listening skills in the language unatrophied.  Sometimes, especially in the case of Radio Verda I pick up an interesting turn of phrase and thus add to my comprehension.

So when I put on my headphones while doing some monotonous task, or put the player on my homemade dock in the workshop, I might get an interesting news digest or a dissertation on the Word, or a catchy little song. You see I keep my player on ‘shuffle’ so I never know what’s next.

For the curious, Since Esperantists do not come from any particular country, ‘Esperantujo‘ is what we call it when we meet and talk together.  As it’s been said. ‘Kiam ajn du aŭ tri renkontiĝas parolante en Esperanto, tie estas Esperantujo.’



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