Konfese, Mi Kulpas

mere minutes esperanto

I’ve corresponded with Steve Ramsey more than a few times over the last several years. Somewhere in there, several times, I’ve mentioned my inclination towards Esperanto.  He also knows I’ve been blogging about woodworking in the language. Watching Steve’s videos, I always noted that when he’d finish a project with spray lacquer or spray paint that he held the can in his hand. (How else would he do it?)  I’ve used a spray can trigger for some time now and it amazes me how much control it gives you while using it.  It nearly turns a spray can into a paint sprayer.

So like with any celebrity, viewers send Steve gifts.  I bought him two spray can triggers and sent them along to him. They took a little longer to get to him than I’d thought, (darn holiday season!). Then someone sent Steve a sprayer kit.  I thought that must have doomed my modest gift to him. When he finally recieved the triggers, not only did Steve mention them favorably in one of his Mere Minutes videos, but he put the Esperanto word for ‘chess pieces’ (ŝakopecoj) on the video thumbnail!  That’s just too cool! If you want to see the video I’m talking about, you can see it here: [link].

A Rustoleum Spray Grip like the two I sent to Steve Ramsey.

A Rustoleum Spray Grip like the two I sent to Steve Ramsey.


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