Retro Mihm Movie to gain Esperanto Dub

51gpHc9CXoL._SX940_This year Christopher Mihm is taking a year off from making low budget style movies like the B movies of the 1950’s.  He’s instead making a musical. But to keep his Esperanto translation team in practice, he’s adding an Esperanto dub and subtitles to his first film which celebrates it’s 10th anniversary next year. We’re currently busily translating the dialog of The Monster of Phantom Lake (La Monstro de Fantomlago) and after rigorous proofreading the lines will be assigned to volunteer Esperanto speakers to create the sound files.This is all done under the command of my capable taskmaster, George Baker. I’m privileged each year to help with this fun project and I always look forward to participating both in translating and reading.


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