Time to fiddle


Back in the 1990s I took some violin lessons, but eventually gave it up. I kept my fiddle though, even loaning it to my neice when she took lessons for a time in school. I still have everything that came with the kit, a violin kit from Sears which cost a little over $100. I added a metal chrome colored mute and a pitch pipe to the kit as well as a cleaning cloth, white hankerchief and shoulder rest.

Recently I began training for a job as a repair technician for string instruments. My boss suggested that it would be a good idea to get reaquainted with my fiddle since I’ll likely be holding one everyday at work and it would be good to know how to play one a bit.

So I opened up the case and started messing around with the fiddle which by now is over 20 years old. It’s a chinese violin, but my teacher at the time deemed it at least adequate to taking lessons on. It’s fared well over the years, having just a few spots where it looks worn on the edges.

while I’m no superb player, and don’t expect to become one. I was happy that I remember the finger stops for notes. My ear is still good, it’s just a matter of relearning the muscular side and probably learning to read music again.

As I go along I may start pimping the fiddle out, replacing the fine string tuners with brass ones and maybe getting a chin rest that is not black.  I know I need to replace the end button as it is half missing. That will be my start as I get to know this instrument again. Lessons? Who knows. We’ll see.


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