A Conlang Named Breehah

Ho horf breehah-horgah!

Let’s Speak Breehah!

What is Breehah? It’s a language that a friend and I pretty much developed in our youth and later on. From time to time I come back to it because of the conlangs that we worked on, way back when, Breehah and the aliens who used it are my favorite.

I want to do a series that teaches basic breehah on this blog.  I may even publish the gramar and a two-way dictionary as a book once it’s pretty darn complete.I’ll likely publish one in any case, but if anyone is truly interested, chime in via the comments below.  That will certainly spur me on to posting a lesson more frequently.


Drawing of a breehah named Gromar Reetorb.

The breehah are aliens that inhabit the planet Silonar in the Koplushian Alliance. When they were discovered by the Koplushians they were technologically primative and were pretty much taken over for a time. Their culture was changed and has evolved into a quasi-parallel of the Koplushian culture. Some of the aspects of their native culture have survived in the language of the breehah. They are somewhat creatures of faith, or at least some of them are. I’ve also put up the first of a Tiny Cards deck [link] to help learn breehah.  I’ll add more decks as I go along with the lessons.

You can always find posts on this subject by clicking the ‘breehah’ tag at the bottom of this post.


List of lessons. (I will update this as I add lessons)

Lesson one
Lesson two – pronounciation
Lesson three – Numbers
Lesson four – Adjectives

A Prayer in Breehah

TinyCard decks for Breehah (ever growing collection)

English-Breehah dictionary (a Google doc in progress)
Breehah-English dictionary (a Google doc in progress)

An encyclopedia of things breehah (a Google doc in progress)



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    […] wanted to try and memorize it. Also, if you look on the introduction page for the Breehah language [link], you will see that I’ve put up links to a Breehah-English dictionary as well as one for […]

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