Learn Breehah – Lesson 1

Lesson 1
haiTAHke midi

Call this first lesson more of an introduction to some basics in the language. While I truly don’t expect anyone to try and master this intelectual exercise, I’m going to at least cover all the points of grammar and then introduce at least as much vocabulary as necesary. It may go beyond that–eventually. If anyone ever approached me and started speaking breehah to me, I doubt I’d understand very much myself.

We’ll start with some relationships, since they can lend themselves to some is/is not type formulas by which you may want to practice. Some parts of the grammar will be introduced in the exercises without definite explanation, although they can be looked up in the grammar.


These words, plus a few others are available as a Tiny Cards deck (or get the app) under Learn Breehah 101.1

Boy GROmar Mother muLOObai
Girl BAImar Father muLOOgro
Man kahPOOgro [human male] Sister looPIbai
Woman kahPOObai [human female] Brother looPIgro
Human being kahPOO Son MARgro
Breehah BREEhah Daughter MARbai
I/me hoo Wife doiHOObai
You hai Husband doiHOOgro
be/is/are no Parent muLOOtor
no/not foi Child mar
He haa(gro) She haa(bai)

Practice Sentences:

kahPOOgro noPE kahPOO GROmar noPE kahPOO
A man is a human A boy is a human
Hoo noPE kahPOO Hai noPE BREEhah
I am a human You are a breehah
BAImar noPE’foi kahPOOgro Hoo noPE’foi GROmar
A girl is not a man I am not a boy
BREEhah noPE’foi kahPOO kahPOObai noPE kahPOO
A beehah is not a human A woman is a human
Hoo noPE’foi hai KahPOObai noPE’foi kahPOOgro.
I am not you A woman is not a man.
_____ noPE _____. _____ noPE’foi _____.


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