Learn Breehah – Lesson 2

Lesson 2
haiTAHke SAHmidi

A note on pronounciation. While the breehah language does have its own unique alphabet, I’ve chosen to use the Latin alphabet to make things waaay easier on any learners. Later I will show the alphabet for those who wish to learn the language to that level. (I’m confident this will happen.)

A (as in flat) Sometimes written as AA

AH (as in father)

AI (as in aim)

B as in but

D as in doe

E as in pet

F as in fit

G as in get

H as in hat

I as in hit

J as in joke

K as in kitten

L as in loom

M as in moon

N as in noon

O (as in ‘au’ in nautical) sometimes written as OE

OI (as in ‘oy’ in boy)

P as in pet

R Functions more like a vowel. R is always pronounced like the ‘ur’ in burger.  R is not trilled, flapped, or anything else but ‘ur’. The R sound is not omitted. ‘Red’ would be pronounced more like ‘ur-ed’ than as ‘ur-red’. ‘Prd’ would be pronounced like ‘purred’. Thus ‘ER’ is pronounced as in ‘bear’ (with a slightly elongated R, ‘OR’ is as in ‘chore’, IR as in ‘mIRRor’ (well sort of, depends upon your dialect.) There is room for some variance in pronounciation. I’m confident the breehahs from the mill towns don’t pronounce every word the same as the ones in the cities and spaceports.

S as in sit

T as in tank

U as in hut, sometimes spelled as UH. Sometimes this sound is pronounced more like a short ‘ah’

OO (as in boo)

Actual breehah has one more pronounciation quirk. The final vowel of ach word is lightly trilled when spoken. For example final A would be like aa in ‘baa’, likewise for each vowel sound,ah’ah’ah,  eh’eh’eh, o’o’o, etc.

Practice pronouncing the words in the previous lesson as well as these additional ones.  For help in proper pronounciation I put the accentuated syllable in caps. Don’t forget about the ‘Learn Breehah’ decks on Tiny Cards! baBOIF’foi  riGOOB’rBAI!

geSOOnah, a spacecraft kahPOObe, humans
KahPOO’horjaik, human accent SEbe, day
nai, yes foi, no
bahBOI, to forget rBAI, small
hais prEEpe ki/gah?, what do you call this/that? karPAH, earth (our planet)
riGOOke, card jaPE, big
marBE’harME, his children LEmaipe, washes
riGOObe, cards LAHmah, beautiful
hai’SAHdi noef!, Be good! hi’TE, the food
hoo horSOpe’foi, I don’t understand SAHmi kahPOObe, two humans
SAHhe!, hello! hais horSOpe?, do you understand?
hais horPE BREEhah’horgah?, Do you speak breehah? ROnar, thank you


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