Learn Breehah Numbers

Lesson 3

haiTAHke SREEmidi

Some numbers. The original breehah numbering system was base 8 because they have two hands with four fingers on each hand. After contact with the Koplushians was established, a base ten system was introduced, greatly influenced by the Koplushian language. The base 10 system is now used over the whole planet of Silonar, but some of the traditional number names survive in poetry and as archaisms used mainly by affected intellectuals.

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Number Modern Number Ordinal Number

(1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Fractional number (½, ⅓, ¼) Traditional Number
0 fe fe
1 mi midi mi**
2 SAAmi SAAmidi saaMIji MImi
3 SREEmi SREEmidi sreeMIji miSO
4 FOmi FOmidi foMIji so
5 FEmi FEmidi feMIji soMI
6 SEmi SEmidi seMIji soMImi
7 SOmi SOmidi soMIji miGOO
8 HAmi HAmidi haMIji goo
9 NEmi NEmidi neMIji gooMI*
10 DAmi DAmidi daMIji gooMImi*
11 daSImi gooMIso*
12 daSIsa GOOso*
100 TOOmi
101 tooMImi
1000 MUmi
1001 muMImi

*Generally, only the traditional numbers 1-8 are used.

** the word ‘mi’ is also used to form the words for ‘digit’, ‘number’, unite, and ‘only’.

As can be seen the change to the decimalized names is at best a trade off in syllables, but there has never been any serious movement among the breehah to change to the traditional number names. However, in the higher numbers the base ten system makes plain it’s advantage.

Sample sentences using numbers:

The cart has four wheels
Hi’nooGAH hoiPE foMI sooJAHbe.There are a thousand stars in the sky.
MUmi bluBEbe noPE hi’MAA’daa.Earth has a thousand languages.
KarPAH hoiPE MUmi horBE.
A human has two legs.
KahPOO hoiPE SAAmi TOlobe.Eight children are on the boat.
HAAmi marBE noPE hi’SARbo’daa.We saw five comets in two years.
Ho saa FEmi blubeBImoobe SAAmi’daa POOfe.

Our language unites us.
Hork’homa mi’tarGUpe ho.



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