Adjectives in Breehah

Lesson 4
haiTAHke FOmidi


Adjectives in breehah are a bit irregular. Most of the time the adjective is suffixed to the noun they describe. However, sometimes they are kept separate and follow the noun. This is typical in sentences that mere state the noun is X. In rare cases they preceed the noun they modify. And sometimes they are prefixed to the noun. This is usually in established compound words and  mainly due to conventions being established over time and being carried over to the modern language.

Words which are not adjectives by nature can be made adjectival by the addition of the suffix -di.

There is  a tiny card stack of some comon adjectives here [link]

Don’t forget Tiny Cards!


The fruit is red [hi’mer nope bar]

A big jiBAI flies over [jiBAI’jaPE sooNAIpe loSE]

A human has two legs [kahPOO hoiPE SAAmi toLObe] (or) A human is two-legged [kahPOO noPE TOlo’SAAmitor]

The big city is my home [hi’BOInabike’jaPE noPE SIlo’hooma]

This paper is clean. [ki groo noPE leMAI]

This clean paper is yours [ ki groo’leMAI noPE haiMA]

I saw a calm fish [ hoo saaPE KARbu’ROOnoo]

Do you see the small cart? [hais saaPE hi’nooGAH’rBAI?]

Bad humans killed many breehah. [kahpoob’ne moiTARgun breehah’boiDI]

Her bread was especially delicious [AIjo haaBAIma non luJEgah doBEsah]



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